NEWSLETTER Month of April 2019
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DEPUTY GRAND KNIGHT’S CORNER/DGK Gerry Cranley   Dear Brother Knights: It is once again time to rely on your brotherhood and service to our community. We are called to service to help spread devotion to Our Lady and pray for our brothers and sisters of faith who are at risk around the world. The 2019 Marian Prayer Program Mass is taking place on April 12th at 7:00pm at St Mary’s Church. This year, the prayer service is intended to raise awareness of the plight of Christians persecuted around the world for their faith and to stand in prayerful solidarity with them. We are in need of several volunteers to make this a successful event. We require Brother Knights to parade the Icon of the Holy Family onto the Alter prior to the Mass and to parade the Icon from the Alter after the Mass. Brother Knights for readers, ushering, to pass out booklets and prayer cards. Please let me know if you can help. We invite all Brother Knights to attend the prayer service with their families. If you are able to attend with your family we ask you to please wear your blues and greys so we can show our strength and fraternity in our brotherhood when we are called to service our community. Please keep in mind that elections for council officers is rapidly approaching. We ask all Brother Knights to pray and reflect on joining the executive ranks or to nominate a Brother Knight to serve on the executive. Also please consider to volunteer your service toward a Faith in Action service program. We gain strength in numbers and our support is slowly growing. Thank you to all Brothers who have decided provide their service to our council. We can serve our parish and be more valuable to our community and spend limited individual time if we can all contribute in any way that you can.
MEMBERSHIP/RECRUITMENT UPDATE/Br Knight Dale Erikson      Brother Peter Prost has successfully organized a First Degree Team, however is still looking for doubles in case one member is unable to attend. If you can help out, please contact him. The Team has completed practise sessions and is ready for the First Initiation Degree ceremony. We will be hosting a First Degree ceremony on Tuesday April 2nd at 7:00pm at our KayCee Hall, 46221 Margaret Avenue. We have 5 Candidates who will be joining the Knights and our council, so it would be nice to have some support for them as they begin their journey, so please consider attending that event. I still do not have a final date, but a Second Degree being planned by our DD in Chilliwack in April, details later. We have 15 members that are still First Degree and hope that they can attend this and continue to move up to the Formation Degree. We will also be hosting a Third (Knighthood) Degree right here at our chambers on Saturday May 25, 2019 with the Third Degree Team from State officiating. So anyone that has completed the Second Degree may attend this ceremony to complete their journey to Knighthood. Recruiting is an ongoing ministry, so if you know of a Catholic gentleman that might be interested in joining, either go through the interview sheet with him, or give me his contact information and I will complete the required meeting and paperwork.
MONTHLY POTLUCK AT THE PARISH   Get the word out, we have another Council Potluck this coming Sunday (April 7th), 3- 6pm at St. Mary’s gym. We’re very please with the ongoing support of this family friendly function, last month we had 50 Brother Knights, spouses and family taking in the fellowship and a nice meal. See you there!
WALK FOR LIFE 2019/Br Peter Lindenhoff An advance heads up that the annual Walk For Life is next month Thurs. May 9th on the Legislature steps in Victoria. While it is a very long day (the bus taking us there leaves St Mary’s at the crack of dawn and gets back around 7pm), it is time well spent with other St. Mary’s parishioners and other like-minded Christians who firmly believe in the sanctity of human life from conception to its natural end. The walk is preceded by an always-inspiring homily by Bishop Gary Gordon at the Cathedral. It was hard to miss the presence of our Order last year with our logo visible on marchers and banners. What a great way to fulfill our Order’s dedication to the Pro-Life movement. Interested? Give me a call at 604-798-4237 or email soon and I’ll get your bus seat reserved.
WANTED: USHERS FOR EASTER TRIDUUM   I’ll be making calls in the days ahead to fill out the various Usher positions for Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil and the three Easter Sunday Masses. Please give some thought to which date you will be attending in advance of my call. Brother Knights really are the backbone of the Parish Ushering program and it’s times like these when shine! (Br Peter Lindenhoff)
Brother Peter Driedger (in middle) seems to be saying “Look, my hash browns can talk!”