ANNIVERSARIES AND BIRTHDAYS - December 2017          
Anniversaries - December 7th Anthony/Debbie Pavick 2007 10th John/Dorothy Beaty 1966 17th Frank/Lynda Van Scheyndel 1960 19th Gerry/Victoria Lockwood 1970 29th Paul/Betty Lauzon 1956 30th Glen/Caroline Winship 1983       Birthdays - December 2nd Bernice Driedger 2nd Denis Kevany 9th Grant Acheson 13th Florence Spears 18th Marianne Gross 20th Victoria Lockwood 23rd Kim Sherstobetoff 29th Sarah Fischer 30th Dan O’Hara 30th Gerry ten-Bohmer
PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS SK Kevin and Carrie Frank Fr Nelson Santos Arlene Jensen SK Paul Lauzon SK Paul Rollheiser SK Arthur Shankar
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The 4TH Degree Colour Guard await their turn to lay a wreath at the  Vedder Cenotaph Remembrance Day ceremonies